Nr 5: 2016

Romanyuk Anatoliy

Media Parties in Ukraine: a Phenomenon or an Isolated Incident

Lytvyn Vitaliy

Governments of national unity in the context of coalition majority governments: conceptualization, cases, political causes and consequences by the example of European democracies

Androshchuk Iryna

Far-left political parties, their origin, ideological positioning and place in the Czech Republic’s party system (1990–2015): the case of the communist party of Bohemia and Moravia (KSČM)

Panchak-Bialoblotska Nadia

Political, institutional and legal determinants, essence, features and peculiarities of minority government in parliamentary democracies

Sergiy Skryl

Party building in the states of Central and East Europe at the end of ХХ – to the beginning of ХХI century

Białobłocki Zbigniew

Theoretical and methodological approaches to the assessment of modern political systems as an indicator of comparative analysis of governments in Eastern European countries

Travlos Tetyana

Post-graduate student Odessa. The politological theory studies the phenomenon of «revolution»: a comparative analysis

Magdalena Białobłocka

Towards filling the phenomenon and the term “political logistics” with the theoretical and empirical content

Bohatyrets Valentyna

Canada’s brand of multiculturalism as a way of molding its image on the world arena

Tetiana Fedorchak

EU membership as a factor for harmonization of ethnic relations within the Countries of Union

Białobłocki Tomasz

Conceptual definition and principles of regionalism and ethnopolitical and territorial nature of its verification in Ukraine

Ірина Бутирська

Нові підходи до розвиткусоціальної політики в сучасній Угорщині

Irena Gałka

Energy security of Visegrad group countries: Geopolitical and strategic determinants of current state and prospects for regional development

Aneta Moszczyńska

Features, political, economic and administrative instruments and effects of overcoming financial crisis in the Visegrad Countries

Svetlana Naumkina

Development of regional collaboration in a format «Poland – Romania – Ukraine» as a condition of collective security

Олеся Ярошко

Безпекові СТУДІЇ української міжнародної проблематики

Vira Burdiak

Polish factor in formation and elaboration of the European Union’s policy in regard to Ukraine