Nr 4: 2015


Androschuk I.

The Revolution of Dignity as a new wave of Velvet” socio-political rebellion

Anton Avksentiev

Electoral-spatial analysis of party configuration (on the material of parliamentary elections 1998-2014 in Ukraine)

Białobłocka Magdalena

Political and institutional patterns of technocratic governance in non-democratic regimes: general theoretical and empirical determination

Białobłocki Krzysztof

Special” LGBT parties and movements and their political strategies in european democracies

Białobłocki Tomasz

Ethnic and political conditionality of the Crimea annexation and hostilities in Eastern Donbas and national minorities in Ukraine attitudes towards them

Białobłocki Zbigniew

Party and electoral indicators of cabinet stability in Eastern European countries: general theoretical and empirical determination

Bula S., Hnatiuk V.

The concept of local democracy within the framework of the deployment of institutional and legal forms of local self-government: correlation, formalization and schematization of the main concepts

Burdiak V.

Policy making and implementation process in Ukraine on the way to democracy

Butyrskaya I.

The republic of Bulgaria as the EU member: Scientific inquiry and findings

Butyrskyi A.

General features of Ukrainian bankruptcy legislation

Chornyak Z.

Analysis of the organizational structure transformation of the Labour party of United Kingdom

Klymenko D.

The Analysis of the problem of multiculturalism in the manifestos of Ukrainian parties

Katarzyna Krzywińska

Referendum in Swiss confederation

Osadtsa I.

Use of anti-European and anti Euro-Atlantic rhetoric by Bulgarian ultranationalist party “Attack” in the parliamentary pre-election campaign of Republic of Bulgaria in 2005

Panchak-Białobłocka Nadia

The evolution, essence and institutional determination of European parliamentary democracies

Pavlik E.

Manipulative technologies: nature and characteristics of the usage on the example of Parliamentary elections in 2014 in Lviv region

Polishchuk R.

Tożsamość polityczna w warunkach transformacji społeczeństwa ukraińskiego

Romaniuk A.

Peculiarities of the 2015 Local Elections in Lviv Region

Shveda Yuriy

Political parties in Ukraine: “electoral parties” or “voting machines”?

Slipetska J.

Socio-political cleavages in Central and Eastern Europe (on the example of Poland)

Adam Rogala-Lewicki

Systemy wspierające decyzje w procesie zarządzania politycznego

Zelman O.

Personification leader in process of political communication

Jacek Janusz Mrozek

Przedmiot a podmiot wolności religijnej