Nr 1: 2014



Romaniuk A.S.

Paradox of political positioning/identification of inhabitants of Lviv region and parties 

Zbigniew Białobłocki

Technocratic/non-party cabinets in Eastern European countries (1991-2013): institutional determinants of formation and stability 

Vira Burdiak

The development of the regional ethnopolitics in Ukraine

Sławomira Białobłocka

Social component of national/governmental policy in Central and Eastern European countries: formation, models and implication    

Iryna Butyrska

Political aspects of business’ social responsibility under the conditions of globalization 

Krzysztof Białobłocki

Phenomenon, ideological positioning and evaluation of electoral success of pensioners’ parties in Central, Southern-Eastern and Eastern European countries 

Oleg Burdiak

State antirecessionary policy of Ukraine 

Magdalena Białobłocka

Concept of technocratism and its impact on non-party cabinets formation: theoretical-methodological background and empirical implications 

Lesya Ruda

Perspectives on the origin of a global civilization 

Nadia Panchak-Białobłocka

Minority governments in Central-Eastern European countries: causes of formation, political consequences, parameters of stability (1990-2013)

Yuriy Shveda

Party system of Ukraine: challenges of national consolidation and European integration (some methodological aspects)

Tomasz Białobłocki

Features and effects of “others” and “strangers” concept’s impact on institutionalization/politicization of Ukrainian and Russian identity and ethnicity in Ukraine (1991-2014)

Tetiana Fedorchak

The peculiarity of the parliamentary elections in the Czech Republic in 2006

Tomasz Hoffmann

Processes of Europeanization in the Common Foreign and Security Policy

Vitaliy Lytvyn

Republicanism with the office of super-president: towards ascertaining the nature of super-presidentialism and differentiation of presidential and semi-presidential systems of government with super-presidents

Volodymyr Palagniuk

The activation of student movement as a precursor of sociopolitical crisis